About our programme

The Lions' U8-13s program has been in operation for a number of years, and has fed some outstanding talent into the Junior, and then Senior teams at the club.

In 2021, after exhaustive planning and research, a new standalone structure was adopted, acknowledging the potential of our pipeline of youth.


Our newly appointed Miniroo Program Manager is Michael Frantz, a veteran of the youth scene in Victoria. Having started, developed and grown the Grasshoppers franchise to over 1200 regular boys and girls, we welcome Mike to our fold with the objective to be the go-to youth football initiative in Monash.

Alongside Mike, we also welcome Joe Ziada, a veteran of the u13 football scene in Melbourne. He's coached at numerous clubs, with a lean to NPL accredited teams, and has overseen many of the programs we take for granted as best-in-class.


Here at the Lions we maintain a happy child as our first ideal. Then follows health, and in time the love for the game we play.

Our approach to kids' development is very age-specific: the 8-year-old has a very different intellect, experience, and skillset to the 13-year-old. One size does not fit all.


As an overarching philosophy, the Eastern Lions Miniroo program aims to best prepare its players for a lifelong love affair with football. On that journey, the club will filter the boys and girls according to passion, desire and skill into appropriate pathways for them as individuals. How?

Best practice.

Skilled, experienced and credentialed coaches; the best facilities as allotted to us by City of Monash; new or near new equipment; meticulous administration; and an accountable and on-hand Committee answerable to the parents.