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Volunteering: the heartbeat of our club

We’re kicking off 2022 with a call out for Volunteers across a number of areas at the Club.

General Committee member Rob Moschetti is spearheading the initiative, and thinks there’s lots of folks who are ready to help, they just haven’t been asked.

“Did you know the Australian Sports Commission commissioned significant research into volunteering in sports clubs,” he said, adding “it found that one in three Australians aged 14-75 who were not currently volunteering in club sport, said they would volunteer in club sport simply if they were asked to do so. Non-volunteers are simply unaware the club needs volunteers”.

Age is not a barrier; and University credits can be earned doing the work!

So, we’re asking:

Would you Like to Volunteer?

Have a read on our website of the type of roles we’re looking for, what they entail and whether they suit you.

We will be there to guide you through every step, ensuring a thorough induction.

Please email Rob on rjjh@bigpond.com to have a chat.

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