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The Miniroos have a new future!

Michael Frantza, Program Manager, spent 6 weeks analysing the ‘roos program and came up with a 3-point plan to deliver a best in class program. The rest of this year we will be ‘fixing’ and consolidating the offering, with a focus on football and admin.

As well as a ‘home’ ground for the entire cohort

We know that playing time is crucial, and off-season practice gives us the opportunity to improve our skills. Eastern Lions is happy to announce a trio of options parents can take to keep their kids skills razor sharp:

  • a weekly clinic at The Den starting in October. Register here (everyone welcome, not just Lions players)

  • a midweek tournament open to all players and clubs from October to mid December, register here (open to ALL clubs)

  • a weekend tournament against other NPL clubs suited to Kangas grade players

For 2022 expect an improved structure with clearly defined coaching syllabus, Talent ID and clear mapping of player pathways.

And finally an expanded programme to accommodate girls, and more community players with access to more facilities.

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