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Survey Strategy: Facilities

Our facilities at Sixth Ave are, with the synthetic and NPL1 grade Pitch 1, one of the best centres in Monash City. To have access to three full size fields, two clubhouses and extended changing rooms is the envy of many other, local clubs.

However, of course we see scope for improvement. Specifically, and working closely with council, we want to increase, then improve, the capacity for our players:

· Lights on P1

· Improved surface P3

· Better use of second pavilion (eg hospo)

· Secure tenure at nearby grounds & allocate accordingly (Miniroos)

· Ladies friendly environment (eg, dedicated change rooms/loos)

· Cosier clubhouse

· Curated hospitality offerings

Achieving these would mean

o Better and more access for teams at Gardiners

o Retention, and growth of high calibre players and coaches befitting our NPL status

o Accommodates growth in our Community program (both boys and girls); and a bigger Miniroo programme

o A greater appeal socially beyond drop off/pick up of players

o A wider Community appeal beyond football

We will keep you posted, and next week highlight more conclusions and strategy from the survey.

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