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Eastern Lions New 2021 Head Coach

Daniel Puşcaşu is a 10 year veteran of senior football management, and expects to have his B license imminently. Back in his native Romania, ‘Costi’ go to the respectable heights with Auto Timisoara before coming out to Australia, taking out a Provisional 2SE trophy in 2002 as a player.

Since 2010, several clubs have had the fortune of his services at both coaching, management and then governance level.

For three years at the start of the decade, Costi coached, and then was President of Rowville Eagles, followed by a 2-year stint at Springvale. He joined us briefly in ’16, before taking up the coveted Ashburton Utd Senior coach position, when they won their championship in his final year, 2018.

Joining the fabled Jimmy Williams in 2019 at the Lions, Costi was responsible for the team’s Performance and analytics role.

We’re looking forward to a big year in 2021 in the NPL: filling Jimmy Williams’ shoes is a big ask, but the President (Norm Willcox) and VP Nige Reed have every confidence in Daniel Costi Puşcaşu!

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