Eastern Lions has a club code of conduct and a Social Media Policy that is expected to have been read, understood and adhered to by all

  1. Eastern Lions Soccer Club players

  2. Spectators and supporters of Eastern Lions Soccer Club

  3. Officials of Eastern Lions Soccer Club

  4. Parents of players at Eastern Lions Soccer Club

  5. Issues or concerns - Eastern Lions Soccer Club has appointed a Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO). Scroll down to see more information on the role of an MPIO within the club

Player’s Code of Conduct

  • Play by the Rules

  • Do not argue with the match official. If you disagree, have your captain or coach approach the match official during a break in play or after the match is concluded

  • Control your temper. Verbal abuse of officials or other players, deliberately distracting or provoking another person is not acceptable or permitted in any sport

  • Maintain your focus and work hard for yourself and your team

  • Be a good sport and be prepared to acknowledge good play whether it is from your team or the opposition

  • Treat all players as you would like to be treated. Do not interfere with, bully or take unfair advantage of another player

  • Support all efforts to remove racial and religious vilification, verbal and physical abuse from sporting activities

  • Cooperate with your coach, teammates and opponents. Without them, there would be no competition

  • Play for your own enjoyment, and not just to please parents and coaches

  • Remove all jewellery prior to training and match play, as it is a hazard to you and those around you

  • Do not accept or use any banned or unauthorised drug(s), including the consumption of alcohol at any time



Parent’s Code of Behaviour

  • Remember that children play sport for their enjoyment, and not yours

  • Encourage all children to participate, do not force them

  • Focus on the child’s efforts and performance rather than the result of the activity (that is, winning or losing)

  • Encourage children to always participate according to the rules

  • Never ridicule, yell at a child for making a mistake or losing a game

  • Remember that children learn best by example, so applaud good play by both teams

  • Support all efforts to remove racial and religious vilification, verbal and physical abuse from sporting activities

  • Respect the match official’s decisions and teach your child to do likewise

  • Show respect and appreciation to club volunteers, including coaches, officials and administrators. Ensure any issues are raised through the correct channels

  • Do not smoke or consume alcohol near the team bench (Technical Area) or sideline



Spectators’ Code of Behaviour

  • Remember all children play football for their enjoyment, not just yours

  • Applaud good play and performances from both teams, and be forward in congratulating all participants on their performance regardless of the final outcome

  • Respect the match official’s decisions on the day and teach children to do the same

  • Never ridicule or scold a child for making a mistake before, during or after the game, as this may deter that child from continuing in the sport

  • Support all efforts to remove racial and religious vilification, verbal and physical abuse from sporting activities

  • Condemn the use of violence in any form, be it by spectators, coaches, officials or players

  • Show respect to for both teams when watching matches, because without them there would be no game

  • Encourage players to follow rules and accept the decision of the match official

  • Do not intimidate, harass or use foul language towards, players, match officials, club officials or spectators

Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO)

Our Member Protection Information Officer is your first point of contact if you are considering making a complaint regarding the conduct of a club official or the safety of a player. MPIOs provide confidential, impartial and timely information and support. They act as a sounding board and provide information about the complaint resolution options available to address the individual’s concerns. They do not mediate or investigate complaints therefore all discussions remain confidential. They can also provide information and advice to sports administrators and complaint handlers with regard to our code of conduct.

What DO Member Protection Information Officers do?

  • Listen

  • Act as an impartial support person

  • Provide information about discrimination, harassment and child abuse

  • Provide information about the code of conduct and the options available to resolve the complaint

  • Provide information about relevant laws and the right to complain externally

  • Discuss the possible strategies the individual can use to deal directly with the other person


What DON’T Member Protection Information Officers do?


  • Advocate, take sides or judge

  • Give advice

  • Investigate or intervene

  • Breach confidentiality

Eastern Lions Soccer Club has an MPIO and her name is Jen Douglas.  Jen can be contacted on


For more information regarding the role of an MPIO please visit