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Eastern Lions recognises that there are many ways to teach the game of football. For this reason Eastern Lions ensures that all their coaches are accredited with a minimum of FFA C-License so that our methods are aligned with the mission and visions of the FFA. Its also vital to work closely towards the FFV Curriculum framework which offers a broad based methodology that ranges from a directed to a more guided approach. Regardless of the specific coaching style or methodology, we believe there are basic concepts and characteristics that are foundational to effective teaching of the game. When developing and executing appropriate and effective training sessions, it is helpful to consider the following:


National Curriculum
The National Curriculum is a sound, consistent and coordinated National Talent Development and Identification program for Football in Australia that aims to achieve a major improvement in the quality and performance of Australia’s top players, coaches and teams. This Curriculum is in its second edition and has been developed through a wide consultation process to ensure all relevant ideas and thinking are considered and ensuring that the appropriate areas for improvement are targeted.


National Football/Development Plan – Building Blocks
The building blocks of the National Curriculum is a summarized version of the National Curriculum that gives coaches an idea of what sort of principles they should be focusing on for each age group in line with the National Curriculum


Coaching Soccer at Eastern Lions

Eastern Lions have adopted the National Curriculum as the basis for junior soccer player development, that has particular guidelines and practices relating to the 4 Age Related Building Blocks as follows

  1. Under 6 – Under 9: The Discovery Phase

  2. Under 10- Under 13:

  3. Under 14- Under 17: The Game training Phase

  4. Under 17 and above: The Performance Phase

All Junior Coaches Are Expected To:

1. Be familiar with the National Curriculum and understand the philosophy and reasoning behind it. Click here for the FFA National Curriculum

2. Have an understanding of the various building phases that the National Curriculum defines for the 4 age groups (See Below for Download links)

3. Follow and implement the relevant guidelines that the National Curriculum outlines for the particular age group that they are coaching

4. Ensure that they have the appropriate qualification for the team that they are coaching. See FFV’s website for details

5. Ensure that they register as a coach with Eastern Lions. Click here for Online Registration

6. Ensure they have a current Working With Children Check Click here for details

Note: FFV does not have exemptions for parents coaching or managing teams where their child is playing
Working With Children Check is required for ALL people 18+ years of age working with children under 18 years of age.

7. Be responsible for the management of their own squads, including the RAE process

Relative Age Effect

The relative age effect is a new ruling that allows players playing in under 12 to 16’s born in October, November or December to play in a lower age group. For example, a player born in October 2000 may apply to play in the under 15 team in 2016.

The intention of the rule is to allow players who are not as developed as players born earlier in the year the opportunity to play with players of comparable ability and physical maturity.

Players that fall into this category need to make an application to play in a younger age group, so we cant assume that a player will be able to play in a lower age group until the application is assessed.

Team Coaches and Team Managers are responsible for the Relative Age Effect application process

The FFV have indicated that it takes 10 working days to process an application.