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Eastern Lions – Our Club

Formed in 1963 by a group of British ex-pats The Eastern Lions have a long proud history on the Victorian football landscape.

Formerly known as Waverley City the club has gone through a number of changes over the years. In 1997 a merger took place with Old Scotch FC and Old Scotch Waverley was born before the decision was made to take the club in an exciting new direction under The Eastern Lions brand in 2003.

Despite these changes success on the field has never been far away. In 1964 just a year after first kicking a ball in anger Waverley City FC were crowned, Metropolitan, Fourth Division Champions. By 1968 they had finished their ascent through the league tables and were now competing against the best that the state had to offer.

These early years were a whirlwind of success for the club, but it was the positive atmosphere created in the dressing room that became the club's mantra and the backbone on which a successful future would be built. “If there’s any romance in arriving in Australia as immigrants, it was those first five or six weeks at the club,” said Eastern Lions veteran, John Milway.

There was short barren spell in the trophy room before a State One title in 1975, a Winfield Cup in 1977, Harry Armstrong Cup in 1987. Then came our blistering decade: 2010-20 has arguably been our most successful in footballing terms. Three championship seasons have brought us to the pinnacle of Victoria's, and Australia, football pyramid: The National Premier League One (NPL1). Under the guidance of longstanding senior coach, Jimmy Williams, the Senior squad arrived at the summit in 2020.

Behind the long-term success of the senior squad is an ever-present ethos. From those earliest days when the likes of Brian Trevenna and John John Wren got together to play the beautiful game, Eastern Lions have prided themselves on bringing people together. This ideal still unites the club from the board members to the coaches, players, juniors, fans and parents. It is this idea of unity and mateship that is the envy of many clubs in the area and one that will carry this club on to an exciting future.


The Eastern Lions Soccer Club is a well established, community-based soccer club located in Burwood, Melbourne. We have close to 20 teams in the Seniors, Junior and Mini Roo leagues in the South-East zones.


Our Philosophy

“To provide the best possible environment for the development of soccer within our region.” Our Junior Soccer Club is comprised of boys and girls from ages 5 to 18 that compete at a variety of levels within the Football Federation of Victoria.
Eastern Lions Junior Soccer Club provides young players with:

  • First class training facilities

  • Highly qualified, motivated and experienced coaches that utilise the best soccer drills

  • A Summer School is run to help players during the off season

  • A focus on player development, improvement and team spirit

  • A structured soccer training program that provides a pathway for players to develop to the highest levels possible


Vision Statement 

During the past 50 years, the Eastern Lions Soccer Club has embraced junior teams in every age category to ensure each and every child in our community not only has the opportunity to train with our FFA accredited and skilled coaches regularly but to also ply their craft weekly during games to enhance their development and enjoyment of the beautiful game.


We deliver age and ability appropriate sessions for all genders that keep pace with the constant changes in the modern game whilst implementing our enthusiasm, strong values and beliefs: that the game itself teaches life skills and respect for all, alongside skills learnt on the pitch.


The game in its purest form is itself the true teacher. The dedicated coaches and staff at our prestigious club play a subordinate role to ensure all juniors develop to their maximum potential in a safe and caring environment whilst at the same time enjoy their achievements, both collectively and as individuals before embarking on their lifelong journey within, or alongside the true world game.